The beginning of the 20th century and the Czech scene between the World Wars

An integral part of our culture and of the development of fine arts in the 20th century. A remarkable documentation of the how the periods and movements followed one another.


Geometry and Constructivism of the 1960–80s

An impressive period in the Czechoslovak scene, one of its undervalued and underrated movements. Emphasis is on works by members of the Concretists’ Club from 1967–1971.

Space-time sculpture

Czech painting of the second half of the 1980s

A distinctive period in the Czechoslovak history of art. The unprecedented effort of the young generation of painters and the compact, clear expression of many of these artists has become an increasingly sought-after and respected part of the development of Czech fine art.


Czech art after 1989

The most extensive part of the collection is represented by art created after the Velvet Revolution of 1989. This period, continually mapping the development of the Czech scene, is a kind of open platform, not restricted by the technique or medium used.

Untitled (of the series Consciousness as a Fundamenatal Atribute)

International figurative painting after 2000

This part of the collection has been ongoing since 2001 and contains about 100 artworks. Its focal point is painting, and the main objective of this sub-collection is to contextualize the international and domestic art scenes. These paintings made after 2000 accentuate the main centers of European painting in recent years, such as Leipzig, Cluj, Berlin, and Great Britain.



Videoart is an integral part of the collection. This part of the collection has been built mostly during the last two years. It contains remarkable pieces from prominent authors and art groups, mostly from the Czech Republic. The collection is continually monitoring the current trends in this area and gradually adding new extraordinary pieces.



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